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Paraseach is a reliable and trustworthy source to learn more about varied opinions on paranormal phenomena, its activities, research, and the science behind it. As a magazine site, we are always looking to add more writers to our team of writers. When writing for this magazine, you would need to cover topics on various subjects around paranormal phenomena.

Scientific outlooks on paranormal phenomena and activities are widely covered on this magazine site, as it provides an opinionated means to discuss the phenomena. Science sceptics have been at the forefront in dismissing these activities as there is no proof as to the existence of the phenomena and its activities.

If you think you could be beneficial to our magazine and the topics we cover in articles and discussions, you can contact us on the contact page to learn more about what we are looking for in a writer.

After reviewing applications, there will be certain steps and guidelines to follow to understand the requested skills we are looking for.

Writing for a magazine, you would need to have proper skills in language. These skills include grammar, punctuation, spelling, and decent language use. As we are a trustworthy resource to many readers, you will need knowledge on the subject of paranormal phenomena and their activities.

As paranormal phenomena have never been proven through investigations or research, it is not vital to have a belief in the phenomena. You would need to have some understanding about the reasons behind the belief in the phenomena by many individuals, especially throughout the UK.

At least 3 exemplary articles will need to be provided to prove writing skills and topic knowledge. Contact us on our contact page to learn more about the steps and guidelines to apply for a writing job in our magazine.