Possible Scientific Reasons for Paranormal Activity

With many different viewpoints on what exactly paranormal activity is, it is difficult to add it to scientific discussions and research. There are many other rational explanations behind many instances and happenings of paranormal experiences. Here we look at some of these realistic explanations.

Sleep Paralysis

Not everyone claiming to have witnessed paranormal activity can be seen as wrong. Sometimes these experiences might feel extremely real due to sleep paralysis. This is one way in which some scientists approach irrational explanations of the phenomenon.

Sleep paralysis occurs when the usual rhythm of sleep is disrupted and is a physical state. Rapid eye movement is a type of sleep known to occur when dreaming.


The eyes are extremely active under shut eyelids while the rest of the body is relaxed and almost paralysed. An explanation for this is that it prevents us from acting out while we sleep.

Sleep paralysis happens when the body wakes up before it should from Rapid Eye Movement sleep. This means that you are still dreaming but can see and not move. This can be a terrifying experience for some people as it can accompany unsettling phenomena.

Many people claim a strange presence in the bedroom or pressure on the chest which can be extremely tough to handle and be traumatising to some. During sleep paralysis, hallucinations may occur, and this explains how one can feel an unknown presence in the vicinity.


Pareidolia is another reasonable explanation for paranormal experiences. Our brains are extremely smart and are always working. Although, it is not uncommon for glitches to occur now and then.

The main function of the brain can be seen as the mechanism which makes sense of the world around you. Throughout our daily activities, there are many things taking place which the brain needs to deal with including sound, smell, and sight. The brain needs to make sense of all these incoming cues.

Sometimes the brain can collect logic where there might not be any, and simply go with the most logical explanation that is received.

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