Casinos with Known Paranormal Activities

There have been many reports of paranormal activities in casinos from around the world. Many of these apparent sightings are linked to tragic stories of murder and death.

In some cases, these casinos have grown more popular due to the speculations, thus causing many online casinos to present slot games with themes of paranormal phenomena. Some of these games can be found on

In this article, we will look at some of the most known-about speculations on paranormal activities in casinos.

Tropicana Las Vegas

Tropicana Las Vegas - Casinos with Known Paranormal Activities

The Tropicana has been in the centre of some speculations to paranormal activities and supernatural sightings.

In previous years, there used to be a tiki mask at the entrance at the resort which has since been removed due to these speculations. It’s been said to have been containing a trapped spirit and caused many guests who touched the mask to develop rashes. In some photos where visitors posed, a purple haze can be seen emerging from the mask in the photos.

Bally’s Resort and Casino

This casino was built on the same site where the largest hotel fire happened in the US. The tragic fire caused 80 guests of the hotel to lose their lives in 1980. The fire was caused by faulty wiring and caused guests to jump out of the windows.

Some individuals believe that the spirits of these guests are haunting the higher floors of the casino. Many guests and employees reported seeing strange figures walking on the 19th-24th floor in the north tower of the casino.

Luxor Las Vegas

Luxor Las Vegas - Casinos with Known Paranormal Activities

There have been many unusual incidents at this casino. Construction work was being done at the casino in 1993, with many workers getting into freak accidents and murder among the construction workers. Many guests have also committed suicide and jumped from the balconies.