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On this page, we will have a look at some of the most popular blogs to learn about paranormal phenomena, their activities, research and investigations, and the science behind them. These blogs are based in the UK.

Spooky Isles –

This website is dedicated to bringing information and articles to fans of the paranormal phenomena. It includes articles on ghosts, horror, and dark history throughout the UK and Ireland. Their Facebook account has over 10 000 Page likes, proving just how popular they are in the community.

Higgypop Paranormal –

On this blog, you can find daily posts on paranormal news, in-depth occult articles, analysis of trending conspiracy theories, and the latest outrageous news. Another great reason to follow this website is for the reviews on ghost hunting television shows and supernatural movies and documentaries.

Paranormal Hauntings –

This blog is all about the investigations going into paranormal phenomena in the UK. The blog was founded by Charlene Lowe Kemp in 2017. They investigate locations around the UK completely free of charge. By visiting their blog, you can see many live streams, videos, and other blog suggestions on paranormal phenomena.

They have over 70 000 page likes on Facebook, proving just how popular they are among other believers in Paranormal Phenomena.

Paranormal Globe –

On this blog, the writer shares stories and posts around news about paranormal phenomena. You can also find many books, videos, and tv show reviews. Real-life stories, mysteries, myths and even UFO’S are covered widely on this website. One of the high points on this site is that they debunk fake paranormal activities.

Haunted Magazine –

The Haunted Magazine stands as the most important UK based digital magazine representing the world of the paranormal, and they do it differently. They strive in taking their time with each issue, with exclusive locations and content which will grab the attention of almost any individual interested in learning more about the phenomena.

Hayley is a Ghost Geek –

Hayley Stevens started this blog in 2010 and is a paranormal researcher who does not believe in the paranormal. She finds rational causes for spooky things that make people think they are experiencing paranormal activities.

Visit these blogs to learn more about everything paranormal.