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Paraseach is a reliable and trustworthy source to learn more about varied opinions on paranormal phenomena, its activities, research, and the science behind it. Visit this magazine frequently for informative knowledge and opinionated articles on the matter.


Paraseach stands as a reliable and informative source to learn about every aspect of paranormal phenomena and activities. The articles in this magazine go into detail about investigations and research that goes into the phenomena and what science says about it. We outline some of the most historical moments in paranormal activities.

Paranormal Research and Investigations

Paranormal Research and Investigations - About

Paranormal research has been conducted all around the world for many years. Many individuals and organisations have been putting a lot of effort into strong research and investigations into the phenomena and activities around them.

On this magazine site, you can learn about how the phenomena have changed throughout the years and the results which investigations and research have proven. Some of the research and investigations have shown many unbelievable results.

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The Science behind Paranormal Phenomena

The belief and thoughts around paranormal phenomena have seen ups and downs throughout the years. Many individuals are firm believers in the supernatural and the impact it has on the world of science. As science is all about truth and proof, opinions are varied in terms of paranormal phenomena.

According to research, more than half of the UK population believe that a house can be haunted and some even believe they have witnessed supernatural forms or have made contact with supernatural activities.

Many scientific sceptics claim critical investigation of claims have not reached rational scientific explanations of the paranormal phenomena and has not accounted for some of the claimed activities.

Paranormal Activities

Paranormal Activities - About

Paranormal activities have been claimed by many individuals throughout life and have been the subject of many documentaries, investigations, and films. It’s a subject that can be extremely controversial and there are no facts or proof to consider when discussed. Although it is a sceptical topic, it’s been an important and widely discussed phenomenon.

In this magazine, you can read and learn about some of the most well-known instances which have been documented throughout life. Visit frequently to stay up to date on newly developed research and stories on some of the activities that are being claimed.